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GoldTouch Nutrition Anadomisis 400gr

GoldTouch Nutrition Anadomisis 400gr
GoldTouch Nutrition Anadomisis 400gr
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 35,00€

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BCAA 5:1:1 | GLUTAMINE 30% | VITARGO 30%

Anadomisis is an advanced amino acid supplement that combines the very best aminos for your muscles.

  • BCAAs 5:1:1. Unique ratio of 5(Leucine):1(Isoleucine):1(valine).
  • L-Glutamine.
  • + Vitargo® (a patented molecular carb).

Anadomisis is the perfect amino acid combo to feed your muscles, to induce muscle growth, to stimulate protein synthesis, to aid in glycogen replenishment and to assist recovery after a workout.

It contains, a unique ratio of 5(Leucine):1(Isoleucine):1(valine), which is the perfect amount to induce muscle growth, Glutamine, which stimulates protein synthesis, stopping them from breaking down and it also helps in recovery after workout and VITARGO, a patented molecular carbohydrate that assists the absorption of the amino acids and ai